25 November 2010

How to Reverse Diabetes

Hear from the world’s top doctors and Nobel Prize winners and learn how to lower your blood sugar naturally and eliminate your diabetes drugs and insulin shots!
Discover The Truth About Diabetes That Doctors And Pharmaceutical Companies Are Praying You Won’t Find Out About.
Are you sick and tired of constantly...

  • worrying about all the long-term diabetes complications...

  • being held prisoner by your diabetes…

  • being fed up with daily insulin injections and finger pricks…

  • facing an 80% risk of dying from heart disease or stroke...

  • being afraid or guilty to have a wholesome dinner with your family…

  • being concerned with not being able to lose weight, which the medicine seems to put on and keep on…

  • Diabetes is not a disease about not having enough “insulin”… but a disease of the organ that produces insulin: The pancreas !
    In reality‚ diabetes is not the “disease” at all. It is a "symptom" – an outward "signal" – of a damaged pancreas that simply is too damaged to produce the insulin your body needs to regulate the levels of sugar in your blood!

    With traditional medicine, Diabetes can never be cured. Traditional medicine “fights” Diabetes through drugs that treat the symptoms of the disease, but never deals with the root cause of the problem.
    In fact, doctors acknowledge they have no idea WHAT causes Diabetes, they don't know how to cure it—but here is a prescription for some drugs anyway. (sound familiar?)
    Does that make sense to you? Why would you take drugs if doctors don't know what Diabetes is, what caused it, or how to cure it? Yet, people do just that for every physical condition, such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Cholesterol, Arthritis, Cardio-Vascular diseases, And… Diabetes.
    In the West, we have a high incidence of these diseases that practically don’t exist in “undeveloped” parts of the world. This has been known for a long time, and for years, top leading microbiologists and medical scientists have searched for an answer.
    Well they finally discovered the answer. They discovered that it is our modern lifestyle that is actively causing these diseases.
    The body is designed to heal itself—provided it has what it needs to do its job.
    And your diet is one of the major influences on your Diabetes condition.
    Most of the foods in our modern diet are full of 'Pancreas Destroying' acids, carbohydrates, sugars and fats.
    Because your pancreas is the next "link" after the stomach in the digestion "chain," whatever you eat goes directly to this delicate organ... So instead of digesting food and producing insulin... your pancreas now becomes a "shock organ."

    Which means... Your Pancreas Has to Absorb and Neutralize All the Excess Acids Our Modern Diets Dump Into it.
    This is when you developed pre–diabetes‚ and…
    If you don’t stop the attacks on your pancreas‚ you develop type 2 and eventually type 1 diabetes!

    Here’s what leading scientist, Dr. Robert O. Young, has to say about the ROOT cause of Diabetes:

    http://cholesterol-breakthrough.com/images/dryoung.jpg“Beta cells surrounded by acids do not or cannot produce sufficient insulin. Acids destroy insulin receptor sites on the cellular membrane so body cells cannot properly use the hormone. If alkalinity is not soon restored, disease, including diabetes, takes hold. But without acidosis, there can be no sickness or disease – there can be no diabetes.”
    Dr Robert O. Young,
    Microbiologist and Scientist
    So what’s the solution then?
    The solution to all of this is to get back into your natural state of vibrant health... by "cleansing" yourself from the inside, allowing your body to get rid of the acids that are taxing your cells, to enable them to start functioning properly again.
    You see, for every disease, your immune system is triggered and it immediately starts fighting it. Your body can restore every wound, diseased organ or damaged cell that it needs to – but it cannot do that if you keep polluting it, your body simply can’t keep up!
    Once your pancreas does not have to neutralize and protect you from the bad acids, it can get back to doing the job it is meant to do….
    As your pancreas starts working again, you start to produce INSULIN!!

    The Cure Lies In Bringing Your Immune System Back Into Shape.
    Here’s just a few things you’ll learn about how to get back into health... and stimulate your body to restore your pancreas and produce more insulin...
    Those not-so “innocent” yet everyday substances that are currently attacking your body and severely damaging your pancreas.
    Why we all are becoming so prone to killer diseases. Find out how the pharmaceutical and food industry are conspiring to poison you and make you sick (Hint: American medical system is now the leading cause of death in the US).
    Why diabetic prescription drugs are useless, and what to use instead.
    What to do and what NOT to do to normalize your blood sugar levels naturally and effectively.
    Which food industries use advertising to encourage doctors to tell you that their “food” is good for you – just like those cigarette ads in the 1950’s!
    The single most effective fruits and vegetables in cleaning up excess acidic waste… and how to cleanse your pancreas completely from systemic acidosis.
    Why, what your Doctor has told you is wrong, and why many medications actually increase the side effects and complications of diabetes (primarily by depleting vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your body).

    Read a few of the comments from ex-Diabetes patients...
    "I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for years. Thirty days after following your prgram, I can report the following results..."
    I'm so glad I found your ebook on the web. I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for years. Thirty days after following your prgram, I can report the following results:

  • Blood glucose dropped from 312 to 120

  • Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom

  • Cholesterol dropped 16 points.

  • Your “How To Reverse Diabetes Now!” plan is a BREAKTHROUGH and a true Blessing.”
    Ben C. L.

    "...my blood sugar has come down to normal range, I have lost excess weight, I have all kinds of energy and I don’t take insulin anymore!
    “I feel very fortunate and privileged to have found your book on the internet a few months ago and read it with great interest in a couple of days. I was quite surprised at what I was reading given the advice in the book is contrary to all the advice I had been given by my doctor. I decided to give it a go and follow your advice in the book.

    I’m just astonished with the results! It is by far the most wonderful and enlightening book I’ve ever read. I was suffering from diabetes for many years. By following your program my blood sugar has come down to normal range, I have lost excess weight, I have all kinds of energy and I don’t take insulin anymore!

    My overall health has improved dramatically and I am more confident with my life – I finally feel like myself again. And the big plus is being off of all prescribed medications!

    You have been a blessing to me and my family and I thank God for your book and advice! I pray that God blesses you and your family the way he has allowed you to be a blessing to us.”
    Shurasha Ramlogan
    Virginia, US

    "Thank you for writing this excellent book and for adding many years to my life.”
    " I am sitting here with tears of joy and gratitude. Everything about finding your ebook has been a miracle, because it was just what I needed. Every fiber of my being, resonates with the wisdom you share through your words. Thank you for writing this excellent book and for adding many years to my life.”

    This breakthrough E-book is a real eye opener. You’ll be completely flabbergasted to learn how the drug industry and the food industry are conspiring to keep you sick and diseased! Information in it will truly open your eyes and free you from Diabetes and from the fear of ever getting ill or getting sick – allowing you to put your health into high gear – Fast.

    22 November 2010

    Diabetes Diet Secrets

    An Easy to Understand Meal Plan to Lose Weight and Control Your Diabetes that Will Make You Feel Great, Look Great, and Stay Healthy!" 

    Recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Or were told you may be at risk?

    Now there's an easy way to keep the weight off and the diabetes in check!

    It's when we recommended an actual diet that we got a lot of blank stares!

    We found out there are a ton of books on diabetes, but very few (and very good) books that focuses specifically on the diabetic diet.

    With help from a nutritionist, we have written an easy to understand book that focuses on what a diabetic should eat to keep the blood sugars under control.

    We released it to our patients and it was an immediate hit!

    Our patients contributed their own recipes and we included it in this book!

    We've put together a book that explains diabetes in simple terms and is easy to understand.

    It's called Diabetic Diet Secrets -Eating Healthy to Staying Healthy and if you are looking to find a primer for the diabetic diet we can think of no better source. (In fact, we dare you to find a better one!)

    Because it's like no other book ever written. And you can't buy it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

    Here's what you'll soon learn after reading "Diabetic Diet Secrets":
    • How to Know if You're At Risk for Diabetes!
    • Do's (and Don'ts!) of What to Eat if You're Diabetic!
    • A Quick Way of Reading Food Labels!
    • Six Steps You Must Do Right Now to Stop Diabetes in Its Tracks!
    • Five Easy Ways to Add Exercise in Your Life!
    • Seven Misconceptions about the Diabetic Diet (Hint, It's not Really a Diet)!
    • Which are the Best Foods for a Diabetic?
    • Which is the Best Time to Eat if You Have Diabetes?
    • What to Eat if You're Diabetic AND PREGNANT!
    But that's not all! After reading All Ninety-Four Pages of Diabetic Diet Secrets, you'll also learn stuff your doctor probably hasn't told you about, such as:

    • Understanding the Glycemic Index and What Every Diabetic Should Know
    • How to Cook for Diabetics in Your Family
    • Lots of Delicious Recipes Especially Made for Diabetics!
    • What Should You Do the Next Time You're at a Restaurant!
    • Our Recommendations for the Best Diabetic Resources on the Internet!
    • If you want to know what to eat if you're diabetic, I can find no other book that can show you how to do it.